I am a student at Yale Law School. Previously, I worked as a data scientist for progressive and Democratic causes and currently advise progressive organizations on their research and program goals.

My CV. Now as a graph!

You can reach me at anniejw6 at gmail dot com. My PGP public key is located at https://anniejw.com/ajw-pub (fingerprint: A2BD A2E7 E240 AB67 4FF9 969E BD72 B5F5 5AAB 8CEB).


modmarg is an R package (hosted on CRAN) that calculates marginal effects and levels with errors using the delta method.

After leading hiring processes at Civis Analytics and the Analyst Institute, I wrote So You Want to Get a Job in Progressive Analytics, a guide for job seekers. Along with Lena Tom, I also run Progressive Data Jobs, a site that aggregates job postings.

I analyzed the 2017 Progressive Data, Analytics, and Technology Salary Survey. I also analyzed the 2016 survey.

Crack the Code is a conference for women working in progressive data, technology, and analytics. I am one of the lead organizers.

I gave a talk at the useR 2016 conference on Stata and R.


I maintain a commonplace book.

How do you make a drinking game even more fun? Turn it into a randomized field experiment. You can play any drinking game of your choice, but when it's time to drink, randomize how much you drink. Currently, this is set up to be played with the 2015/2016 Republican primary debates, so we can answer the age-old question: how much alcohol does it take for someone to vote for Donald Trump?

I decided it would be fun to apply a dimensonality-reduction technique to a corpus of text. This is (probably) the only time that 'Nietzsche' and 't-distributed stochastic neighbors embedding will be used in a sentence together.

Single on Valentine's Day is a series of graphs and my riff on Liz Fosslien.

I spent four years competing in college mock trial, which is four years more than any sane person should. At the end of it, a friend and I put together a new tabulation system to rank teams at competition: Weighted Partial Ballots. Unlike the traditional tab system, WPB takes into account both magnitude of the win and the strength of the opponent to rank teams, rewarding those who earn decisive victories over strong teams.

My letterpress artist's book, Miss Behavior, explores the evolution of expectations towards women. It is held in the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library at Yale University and, in 2013, was awarded the Lohmann Prize for Excellence in Printing and Design.